Names of God Bible Study

Names of God:

God has many names throughout Scripture. Each name helps us understand more of His character thereby stimulating us to develop and appreciate a deeper relationship with Him. In response to considering God’s names, it is our privilege and obligation to reflect and to act on these certain identities of God. A practical way to reflect and to act is to ask ourselves some questions:


1. Since God has this identity, how does God want to work in my life?


2. Since God has this identity, what qualities in my life reflect Him in this regard?


3. Since God has this identity, how can I better honor Him today in reference to this identity?


A suggested way to study the names of God:

Daily take a Scripture reference that uses God’s name and study it and the surrounding text. Determine the reason God shows Himself in the text in this way. Journaling the names of God and journaling the answers to
the three questions above will help solidify God’s identity in your life. It also provides a great resource for you.


Jehovah Manos:The LORD My Refuge

2 Sam. 22:3

Ps. 59:16

Ps. 142:5

Jer. 16:19