Men's Outreach - OxStrong Ministry



OxStrong is a time for men to get together and discuss, from a Biblical perspective, current issues and struggles that we all share in common. Some of the topics might be things like addiction (in various forms, such as gambling, drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc), parenting, anger management, finances, doing business as a Christian, etc. We are using, at least initially, a format that was developed by Nate Smith, who has founded a group in his home town of Grinnell, Iowa, called OxStrong Ministries. Part of his material includes a daily reading via email on selected topics. These are usually pretty brief, but give time for individuals to think through the upcoming topics.  We’d love to have you join us, and as this is really just a group of guys getting together to grow in God’s Word, men from all local churches, and even those that don’t regularly attend church, are invited. If you’d like to begin to receive the daily emails, please send us your email address to and we’ll get you on the list.